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[CLOSED] [#304] [1.8] "name conflicts" for implemented interface method with multiple signatures present

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    [CLOSED] [#304] [1.8] "name conflicts" for implemented interface method with multiple signatures present

    I was just trying out some of the fixes in 1.7, specifically in regards to Task.FromPromise and the change to the IPromise interface (from two methods - where only one takes an errorHandler - to one method, such that the errorHandler must also be respected) and encountered a "name conflict" issue with the promise implementation that still had the two methods.

    I've boiled it down to a minimum reproduce case -

    public interface IAmSimpleInterface
        void F(string x);
    public class NameConflictExample : IAmSimpleInterface
        public void F(string x) { throw new NotImplementedException(); }
        public void F() { throw new NotImplementedException(); }
    This results in an error

    // Line 0, Col 0 : Cannot translate interface (Demo.App+IAmSimpleInterface) member '[Method Demo.App+NameConflictExample.F(x:System.String) :System.Void]' in 'Demo.App+NameConflictExample' due name conflicts. Please rename methods or refactor your code
    (As may be seen in the live compiler URL - figured I might as well use this system since you've put shareable links in place! :))

    If I remove the parameter-less "F" method in the implementation then the error goes away.

    The 1.7 changes to address my Task problems have worked well, btw!
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    Thanks for the report. Yes, such code should be translated without any problem
    We fixed the issue. The fix is commited to GitHub repository

    The issue is tracked at
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      FAST! :eek: ...