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[OPEN] [#3552] DataContract and DataMember attributes missing in Bridge 17?

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    [OPEN] [#3552] DataContract and DataMember attributes missing in Bridge 17?

    Hi Bridge -

    We have a nano second resolution date/time library. It uses [DataContract] and [DataMember] to create an opt in serialization, since it has hundreds of properties and we'd rather not have to put Ignore attributes on each.

    When we updgraded to 17, these attributes are flagged as errors. Did they move somewhere? I haven't been able to find any posts relating Bridge and DataContract/DataMember.

    We tried switching to Newtonsoft's attributes (which are much better, and so I was happy to switch). However, it appears that the opt in capability is not supported in Bridge since there is no JsonObject attribute in the Bridge version of Newtonsoft.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    It appears these attributes were removed because they're not supported in .NET Standard 1.6, which is what we were targeting as an initial step towards full .NET Standard 2.0 support.

    The attributes are supported in .NET Standard 2.0, and there's no particular reason why Bridge couldn't support right now.

    We will have to add them back.

    Issue #3552 has been created to track this enhancement.
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      A pull request has been submitted with these Attributes included. The PR will be reviewed and tested, then it will be included in the upcoming Bridge 17.1.0 release.