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[FIXED] [json#111] ICollection not working or throws an exception.

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    [FIXED] [json#111] ICollection not working or throws an exception.

    Here is a with a simplified version of what I'm trying to do.

    Why is count returning 0?

    Here is another where I'm trying to use an IEnumerable Extension method and it throws an exception.
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    Added the same example in dotnetfidle

    looks like it is working in dotnetfiddle


      Hello! And thanks for reporting the issue! We could reproduce it and logged it under Bridge.Newtonsoft.Json package repository's issue #111. We'll post an update here as soon as the issue is fixed. Pull requests are welcome. :)


        We've just fixed the issue! So the fix will make it to the next Bridge.Newtonsoft.Json package release, which should coincide with next Bridge release!

        At the time this response was written, the planned releases were:
        Bridge: 17.2.0
        Bridge.Newtonsoft.Json: 1.9.0.

        Please notice this version release information may change without further updates here, but the issues' milestone in the respective github issue should be updated to reflect the exact version the fix went into.

        Thanks again for the time invested reporting us the issue you faced!
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