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[FIXED] [#3848] Issue creating generic type inside of manually loaded module

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    [FIXED] [#3848] Issue creating generic type inside of manually loaded module

    I have been experimenting with doing code splitting in our Bridge app, and am running into errors inside of manually loaded modules. The error seems to be related to how generic types are being lazily defined.

    In my case, from within the manually loaded module, I create an instance of Dictionary<Type, object>. If I try to add an item to the dictionary, an error occurs:
    Cannot read property 'getHashCode2' of undefined

    I noticed when the instance is being created, the dictionary's comparer is not being initialized correctly (System.Collections.Generic.EqualityComparer$1(TKe y).def).

    Since it is an issue with modules, I was not able to reproduce on Deck. I have a small project that demonstrates the issue, though I can't seem to attach it here. I would be happy to share the repro, just let me know the best way to get it to you.
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    Hello jguy!

    Sorry for the very late reply! It seems for some reason we didn't notice your post, and today I was looking for some "recent" zero-reply posts and found yours.

    Were you able to solve this issue? Maybe if you describe the scenario or share the project as a public github repo, we could play around with it and (hopefully) help you with ways to overcome the issue.


      Thanks for checking in. In addition to this forum post, I opened the following issue on github:

      The github issue was resolved last month, and the fix was included in bridge 17.7.


        Alright! We usually use the See Also section in the issue body to refer and sync here, so I probably also overlooked your second comment in the issue pointing to this forum thread when closing the issue, and this one went feedbackless.

        I added the section there and I am adding the relevant topic title and moving the thread accordingly. Looks like you pretty much posted the feedback we missed here. :)