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  • Angular 4

    Hi all, seems great! I'd like to know if it already has any support for creating Angular 2/4 Components and services?
    Is there any sample using it?

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    Official support for Angular might be available next week. We'll try to keep this thread updated, but following @bridgedotnet on Twitter should keep you up to date with our announcements.


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      Is this it or you meant something different? Why "retyped", by the way? I see goes to The lack of documentation in this regards makes it difficult to figure out where is latest code to use and how to bring everything together. I found other forum topics, one of them referring to an AngularJS example on GitHub but that one is 2 years old. Is there a more complete and up to date documentation or guidelines on how to use AngularJS (preferable the latest one) with Bridge.NET.

      Thank you,


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        A new Retyped Angular package should be available as of Monday. More information regarding Retyped will be available soon.


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          Is there any updates on the support of Angular 2+?

          Retyped Angular package you mentioned seems to be for AngularJS - this is entirely different project from Angular 2+.

          Angular 2+ has it's own build toolchain and uses webpack as a development server.
          Do you have any tutorial on how we could use Bridge.NET with Angular 2+?


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            Hi Alex,

            If you can provide links to the official .d.ts files for the project, we'll take a look and see if they can be included in Retyped.