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    performance of compiler

    What can i do to make the compilation more quickly ?

    Is it necessary to rebuild every time
    - bridge files
    - and all different namespace files ?

    Can i rebuild only parts from project ?

    Thank you

    Hello @erwin!

    In a same project even from Visual C#, if you make a change to a single file, the rebuild process rebuilds everything (to that given project, of course), is that not what happens?

    Anyway, from bridge there's currently no selective translation for a single project. It needs to parse the whole code to know what to add to some files. Specially when same namespace is in different files, or depending of a number of factors.

    What I think would be possible to make the build faster would be to split your big project into smaller project pieces, so that you reduce the size of the "project chunks" you have to build every time. If the project can't be split in smaller "chunks", it is just a signal that it shouldn't be selectively built every time.

    We've been keeping an eye open for bridge translation performance and improving wherever we see a fitting opportunity but as we add features, it tends to get slower, so there's a push towards both directions over time.

    Maybe somebody from the community has had a better experience trying to improve build times on Bridge.