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    Is it possible to use Visual Studio Code for a Bridge project?

    I read that you could use a .vsix file or nuget for installing Bridge.. (May related to post Manually adding Bridge to a project)

    Yes. Visual Studio Code is supported using the new Bridge CLI.

    Once the CLI is installed, you can run the following commands to create a new project, open in Visual Studio Code, then run in your default browser.

    md Demo1                    // Create a new folder
    cd Demo1                    // Move into the folder
    bridge new                  // Create a new project
    bridge add package retyped  // Add retyped
    code .                      // Open in Visual Studio Code
    bridge build                // Build the project, or
    bridge run                  // Build and Run the index.html
    Bridge CLI installers should be available on the /download page within the next 24 hours, but you can compile locally right now by cloning the bridge-cli repo and build in Release mode, then double-click the generated bridge-cli.exe installer.

    Hope this helps.