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Getting CLI to use a private Nuget server?

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    Getting CLI to use a private Nuget server?

    Is it possible to set the package source for the CLI to use?


    I see the option is there, yet not complete nor documented. There is the option to add, but not to remove one, once added. Well, but here are the directions:

    - To add a repo, do:

    bridge add repo <repository_path>
    The <repository_path> placeholder can contain a local windows/unix path ("c:\projects\nuget\repository", "c:/projects/nuget/repository", "/home/projects/nuget/repository") and also a remote location ("").

    EDIT: Ops, forgot to add the steps to remove one.
    - To remove a repo, do:
    Open the repos.config file in the same directory the bridge.exe file is (not the bridge extensionless wrapper on linux/osx). Simply remove the XML blocks pointing to the repo you want to wipe, and that would be it.

    I hope this helps!


      Where is this "repos.config" in linux?

      I see that the bridge command is what I think you're referring to as the extensionless wrapper, (which bridge => /usr/local/bin/bridge)
      But its not clear where/what repos.config is


        I found one here: ./opt/bridge-cli.17.3.0/repos.config

        But even so, I still get an error: The remote server returned an error (404) Not Found.
        Though this all works fine in windows and on VS2017.

        Inspecting this repos.config, I noticed that the repo path seems like its in a strange format: Path="<projectPath>/http://path-to-nuget-server"
        This may be intended but seemed strange to me. Also wanted to provide as much information as possible.

        As you may have already implied, I'm running in linux (more specifically a docker contain on a linux VM host).
        The nuget server has authentication enabled, but this should be covered by the NuGet.config files located in these two locations: