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    NodeJS wrapper?

    Hi, folks! Though I have some experience with Javascript and C#, I am pretty new to Bridge.NET.

    I was looking about using Bridge to develop a pure NodeJS application, but the online content is very sparse.
    1) There is some wrapper (definition library) around NodeJS that I could use to build classes and invoke methods?
    2) If not, (a) there is some known impediment to make such wrapper or (b) it does not exists only because nobody made it? In case of (b), I can try to make my own, according to my needs, but of course it does not compare to having something already going and/or stable.

    I was thinking about something like the Node HTTP module and others listed on

    Thank you!
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    Hi EZaca,

    Welcome to Bridge!

    Theoretically, it is possible using the Node JS Retyped package, see

    install-package retyped.node
    It's possible, but the Retyped generated C# API is likely not as clean as we would like. There's still a lot of optimization that we would like to build into Retyped, but we just ran out of resources (time and money) to get them all finished.
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      I will take a look at Retyped.Node and investigate how it does fit into my project. I will see if the code is clean enough, as I am trying to maintain the less complexity possible in the generated Javascript, just until I feel comfortable with Bridge. Anyway, it seems pretty easy to make the needed definition classes, if that is the case.

      But that surely helps!

      Thank you for the kind help!