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Bridge.Net and EXT.NET

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  • Chusudaru
    started a topic Bridge.Net and EXT.NET

    Bridge.Net and EXT.NET

    Can we use EXT.NET and Like creating an EXT.NET gridpanel,panels,buttons,etc... and when the project is built it will run as Javascript?
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  • fabricio.murta
    Hello Chusudaru, and welcome to Bridge forums!

    The short answer is: no. At least, currently, and there are no plans on having that due to the complexity of the matter.

    The long answer is, Ext.NET by design works creating JavaScript code at run-time, not build time. That is, data it fetches from a database, or some program condition rules over what's going to be served to the client. It uses the ASP.NET engine (either aspx or MVC/razor concepts), thus requires a working IIS server in order to serve requests. I cannot see how we could feasibly translate ASPX or Razor code, or even the C# code the way we use and support with Ext.NET to prebuild pages the way it works with Bridge.NET. The concepts and approaches are rather different.

    So Ext.NET can't be used like Bridge at all. What seems you're looking for though, would be running Ext JS from Bridge. Unfortunately though, it seems the Retyped implementation of Ext JS has some issues that should be addresses before it is usable, according to this thread: ExtJS issue.

    Hope this helps!

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