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Bridge.Test Community License limit

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    Bridge.Test Community License limit

    I am trying to use Bridge.Test in our project and am encountering the following error:

    You have reached Bridge.Test Community License limit of 10 tests allowed at method ...
    I know if the past there were different versions of bridge (free community version, paid premium version). Since it appears the paid versions are gone, is there any reason to keep this test limit restriction?

    Hello @jguy!

    Just for the record, from Gitter, Geoffrey responded a few minutes ago:

    Originally posted by geoffrey.mcgill
    We will get you a license or a custom build with the license check removed. Can you send an email to and we'll take it from there.
    Sorry for the delay!


      I wrote you an email too, because I found this forum topic. But I didn't receive any response and it's been about 3 weeks now. Can you have a look at it?


        Hello @Patrik!

        Have you bought a premium subscription to Bridge back when it was offered? If not, I am afraid at the moment there should not be much that can be done.

        While we suspended premium subscriptions for a number of reasons, we can't just turn the code free at once. But don't worry, we are constantly putting our thoughts on the matter and hope to have a solution sooner than later.

        Anyway, it may have been the case your email was missed by us, we'll check it out; if there's anything else to add from what I just said, we'll respond. Alright?

        Hope you understand