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Using a Bridge project in multiple solutions

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    Using a Bridge project in multiple solutions

    I'm currently using a Bridge project as a black box input-output component by two solutions (one a JavaScript and the other I want to use the C# Bridge project in other .net solutions.

    I want to be able to use the Bridge C# library as part of my MVC solution but the Bridge project isn't compatible. Meaning I can't mix the bridge library with system even when it's a external solution referenced in my MVC solution and projects.

    To get around this I'm maintaining both a JS and .net version, and making sure the logic syncs across them before deployment.

    Is there any configuration to remove this maintain stage or does anybody have workable solution for type of problem?

    Bridge uses own core library (instead standard .NET core library)
    Libraries with different core libraries cannot be used in one application
    You can investigate the following project

    That project allows to select `Bridge` configuration mode to compile for using in Bridge applications
    Debug/Release modes to compile for standard .NET applications