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How to user Retyped.packery ?

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  • UniChaos
    started a topic How to user Retyped.packery ?

    How to user Retyped.packery ?

    Could anyone provide an example on how to use the Retype package named packery (
    I have no clue on how to perform the following javascript:

      // options
      itemSelector: '.grid-item',
      gutter: 10
    I have tried something like this so far:
    var elem = Retyped.dom.document.getElementById(".grid");
    var pckry = new Packery(elem);
    But i am ending up with the following error
    Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined
    On this line
    require(["packery"], function (packery) {
    This is probably a newbie question. But i have seeked high and low for an answer so far.

    / UniChaos

  • samuelgrahame
    I looked at there github, it looks like there typescript is only up to version 1.4.1

    maybe that is the reason.

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