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axios get with ToTask gives unexpected result

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    axios get with ToTask gives unexpected result

    It looks like there is a bug either in axios retyped library or in the ToTask in general. Here is the line of code

    axios.AxiosResponse<T> result = await axios.Axios.get<T>($"{API_URL}{String.Format(url, parameter)}").ToTask();

    If the url argument is right it's supposed to return AxiosResponse<T> object. In reality the javascript object which is returned is an array where the only item in it is that AxiosResponse<T>. So if I try to do var data =; the data is undefined because it tries to get a value of the data property but against an array object. A workaround that I found is this

    T result = await axios.Axios.get<T>($"{API_URL}{String.Format(url, parameter)}").then(response =>;

    Somehow if the response object goes to "then" method it is correct there. It is actually of AxiosResponse<T> type. Do you think there is a bug somewhere in this regards? Is there a better workaround for now without using "then" method?

    Thank you