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    ExpressCraft - UI Framework


    Support's WinForm's Designer.
    Support's Dock and Anchoring control's
    Support's Custom Styles via the Tag Property - etc Bootstrap button would have a tag like this: btn btn-primary
    Support's basic control's like: Button, Label, LinkedLabel, RadioGroup, CheckEdit, ComboBox, GroupBox, TabControl and Panel - Patial Support for the DataGridView - needs some work.

    Currently Targets Bridge 17 and Retyped.dom - latest version.

    Add the Linked form's to your bridge project
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	frmA.png
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    Preview of this Application using Bootstrap v4

    Preview of this Application using my Window's 10 css

    there isn't a up to date nuget yet. still working in progress atm.

    here is what it looks like using bootstrap:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	dock.png
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    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

    vs Windows 10 view

    Click image for larger version

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    Added Support for Mobile Phone UI - partial.

    new Nuget Version

    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    Bootstrap Wrapper.

    Github Repository:

    using Bridge.Html5;
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    namespace ESBootstrap
        public class Program
            public static void Main()
                Document.Head.AppendChild(new Viewport());
                    new Container(new TextBox()
                        Id = "txtUserName",
                        OnTextChanged = (ev) =>
                            var txtUserName = Widget.GetWidgetById<TextBox>("txtUserName");
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

    Windows Inspired Libraries Below

    ExpressCraft (For Bridge.Net) - Create a Windows Application using ExpressCraft UI and Bridge for the Browser.
    Handles Modal and Non-Modal Forms - When using Dialogues you can assign call-backs based on the Dialogue Result.

    Github Repository:

    Dialog Test:
    Ribbon Control Test:
    Grid View Test:
    Designer Test :

    Added Nuget Package ExpressCraft version:
    Install-Package ExpressCraft -

    Bootstrap Support:
    Added Nuget Package ExpressCraft.Bootstrap version:
    Install-Package ExpressCraft.Bootstrap -

    ExpressCraft.Bootstrap: -

    If you like my project give it a star :)
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    Hi samuelgrahame,

    Thanks for sharing your project. This looks really cool.

    Be sure to keep us updated with your progress.

    Can we tweet about your project? Do you have a Twitter profile we can tag?


      Hey geoffrey.mcgill

      My Twitter profile is @samfromdeath

      (Also I am just wondering if i can change the title of this to: something like WinFormsJS Project) Instead of some silly project - thank you in advanced.
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        Medium Icons for Desktop: hover/select/focused for those desktop items. (Cmd, Bing, Note have been replaced with Desktop Icons)

        Also this only works in Chrome at the moment*


          Now allows to run in Firefox (Stable)

          Renders in IE and Microsoft Edge - But does not operate the same as Firefox and Chrome


            Can create Files/Folders using the Cmd -

            createfile test.txt
            createdir NewFolder
            cd NewFolder
            createfile file2.txt
            deletefile file2.txt


              Going to re-create - started from a bad design - will re-use a lot of the designs.

              Going to focus on a Application - Form - Controls Class

              so that a website can have (js resources)
              and my library
              then they can run the js file to run a application... sort of thing... still need to map it out.

              I was thinking of allowing to use WinForms Designer - make same controls...

              If i get this done - I will be using this to make our software. see how it goes. :D


                My new Library I am working on:

                Still in development.


                Controls that will be made:

                Finish GridView
                Make MessageBox fully compatible with Microsoft one.

                Maybe different themes...


                  Sorry was not working - all working now.


                    Added Nuget Package ExpressCraft version:

                    Install-Package ExpressCraft -


                      Added new Build for Nuget - ExpressCraft



                      Fixed Memory Leaks in GridView
                      Added - Show and Hide Close, Maximum, Minimize Buttons for the Title Bar
                      Added - ForReuse on Form - so that it only hides the content and not deletes it
                      Added Settings.AllowCloseWithoutQuestion - So that you dont have to show message when closing the tab, page.
                      Added OnDataSourceChange Event for the Datatable - Has BeginDataUpdate and EndDataUpdate
                      Added base64 MessageBox Icons to css file instead of csharp file.
                      Added Global Error Dialog
                      Added Beep for opening Message Boxes - Can Disable through - Settings.MessageFormBeep
                      Cleaned Files in the Solution - Created Sub Folders
                      Removed Old WinForms Functions and Files that are no longer needed
                      Added HTML Escape, Unescape Functions.
                      Added Sort by Context Menu for the GridView
                      Fixed Sorting for the GridView
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                        geoffrey.mcgill just wondering if you could please change the name of this thread to: ExpressCraft - UI Framework :)


                          Hi samuelgrahame. The subject of the thread has been updated to ExpressCraft - UI Framework.

                          Hope this helps.



                            Stopped working, could you please fix?


                              Hey how are you, Which browser are you using? also does pressing control + F5 fix the issue.

                              is there is a javascript exception?