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    ExpressCraft has now been converted to Retyped.dom - ready for bridge.html to be removed..


      ClassicForms is now focus. ExpressCraft - will be still maintained but not as much.


      Support Xaml for form designs
      Support Server Side Execution
      Allow for easy User paint over control's etc have a canvas over the top of each control. - if SetStyle(UserPaint, True)
      Support GDI/Graphics Library

      *Read first post to get more information.


        around about 70% converting my gridview from ExpressCraft to Classicforms.

        working for both bootstrap and windows version:


          Demos are looking great. Keep us all updated with your progress.


            This is a little unrelated, I have been working on a project for someone (Not owned by me), I used Bridge + ExpressCraft.
            I am really enjoying working with Bridge - anything related to the web I will be using Bridge.

            What I found was it was really easier to process payloads between the server and the client. as I used the same Core library.
            I found that if you make the bridge script file, for the login page and give that script a flag async. you never really notice having the bridge js there.
            if anyone would like to check it out. it is at the website allows free sign-up.

            What I found the best use case for Bridge is when the website is more of an application. where you don't want to reload the entire page.