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    ExpressCraft has now been converted to Retyped.dom - ready for bridge.html to be removed..


      ClassicForms is now focus. ExpressCraft - will be still maintained but not as much.


      Support Xaml for form designs
      Support Server Side Execution
      Allow for easy User paint over control's etc have a canvas over the top of each control. - if SetStyle(UserPaint, True)
      Support GDI/Graphics Library

      *Read first post to get more information.


        around about 70% converting my gridview from ExpressCraft to Classicforms.

        working for both bootstrap and windows version:


          Demos are looking great. Keep us all updated with your progress.


            This is a little unrelated, I have been working on a project for someone (Not owned by me), I used Bridge + ExpressCraft.
            I am really enjoying working with Bridge - anything related to the web I will be using Bridge.

            What I found was it was really easier to process payloads between the server and the client. as I used the same Core library.
            I found that if you make the bridge script file, for the login page and give that script a flag async. you never really notice having the bridge js there.
            if anyone would like to check it out. it is at the website allows free sign-up.

            What I found the best use case for Bridge is when the website is more of an application. where you don't want to reload the entire page.


              pictures of the two examples are at the bottom of:


              Added two Examples atm:


              The first one is just what a simple form with two inputs and a button for a login page.
              The second one is showing how to make a main page with the form.

              and I have partial support of the resource reader. so you can extract strings that are within the form.resx

              You can get access to the following text memo data below:

              System.ComponentModel.ComponentResourceManager resources = new System.ComponentModel.ComponentResourceManager(typeof(frmMainPage));
              var data= Type.Assembly.GetManifestResourceData($"{Type.FullName}.resources");
              var resourceReader = new ResourceReader(new MemoryStream(data), data);
              var pos = resourceReader.FindPosForResource(name);
              var value = resourceReader.LoadString(pos);