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    Chart.js bindings


    Published bindings library for Chart.js. The repo is available at github Bridge.ChartJS along with an example project.

    The installation is different though, and hopefully easier. I am finding it more convenient to use these bindings as source files rather than assemblies that are distributed throught Nuget. This way, I can still look at the code and tweak it however I want.

    Thats why I wrote a tiny F# script (Generator.fsx) that I am using in all my bindings projects that would concatenate all (relevant) files in the project in one file, the Generated.{LibraryName}.cs. You include this file somewhere in your project, maybe in a "typings" folder and you will be good to go.

    In the case of this library, it is Generated.ChartJS.cs. Just copy and paste it and start using ChartJS;

    I would also note that the api is mostly covered and if you needed something extra, well, just add it yourself ;) or open an issue on github.

    Hope this helps