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DataGrid component?

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    DataGrid component?

    Has anyone done or worked on a definition library for a grid component?


    Welcome to Bridge.NET.

    I'm pretty sure someone was working on bindings. Might have even been the Webix team.

    Contacting them directly might be required if you're interested.

    Is there any grid component specifically that you're interested in?


      Really any of the normal packages would work. Webix would be fine. I just need to display some data in an excel like format.

      I tried a few react based grids but just couldn't get anything to work


        Also, I posted this earlier but it would be awesome if you guys did a typescript typing to bridge definition library generator-- then I could use any grid I wanted.

        Fable has tsToFable, so you might start there.


          Fable (or somebody) should add their TypeScript definition file to DefinitelyTyped.


            I wasn't really clear here. The idea is for you guys to write a parser, sort of like what the fable guys did with ts2fable, that reads in typescript typing files (*.d.ts) and writes out the C# you need to implement a bridge definition library like the example here:

            Of course there are gotchas here, but this could make a leap towards making bridge compatible with a lot of the javascript world. No one likes javascript, but a lot of people like the broad ecosystem of pre-written components.


              Thanks for the update. I see what you're referring to now. We will review the capabilities of tsToFable. Looks like a good project.



                Below is an example of my GridView

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