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    MonoGame for Bridge

    I've made a library to allow you to use MonoGame in Bridge. I was planning to make a nuget package for it but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I have 2 demos for it: SpaceConvergence (here) and Farie Alchemy.

    Here are instructions for first demo:

    Space Convergence
    - Instructions

    The game is a duel between two players, taking turns on the same computer.
    One player is on the left, one on the right.

    During your turn, you can play cards from your hand, shown at the bottom of the screen.
    Cards are highlighted when they're playable. You'll draw a new card each turn.

    * Resource cards (Farmers, Armorers, Priests etc) are free to play and
    produce resources for you each turn. Any resources you don't spend in your turn are lost.

    * Unit cards cost resources to play, and have a power (damage they can deal) and toughness (damage it takes to kill them). Any damage your units take is healed at the end of your turn.
    Attack your opponent by dragging units to the opponent's side of the table. They will stay there and damage the opponent's base each turn. When the base gets down to 0 health, you win!
    Be warned though, attacking units are vulnerable to counterattacks. Just drag any of your units onto a unit that's attacking you and they'll fight each other. Even if the attacker doesn't die, your base will take less damage.
    You can withdraw attacking units by dragging them back to your side of the table.

    Some units also have abilities, represented as circles above their heads. Each ability is unique; read the tooltip for details.
    To use an ability, just click on it. Or, if the ability needs to target something, drag from the ability to the chosen target.

    * Action cards cost resources to play, and usually target a unit. Drag them from your hand onto the unit you want to target.
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      Did you release the library? I can't find it.