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Bridge.NET with Babylon.js ?

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  • Bridge.NET with Babylon.js ?

    I am just looking into current 3D platforms that are supported with Bridge.NET. I found that there is a Bridge.NET binding for Three.js and I wondered if anyone had created bindings for Bridge.NET with babylon.js? I've done a web search but wasn't able to find anything. I'd be very interested if something is out there?!

    I'd be even more interested if there was an example of how to get something like that running with the react bindings for Bridge.NET. :)

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    Hi gpaluk,

    Babylon.js bindings are available from Retyped.

    You can install using Nuget with the following command:

    install-package retyped.babylon
    Hope this helps get you started.


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      Excellent... Just got the nod that I must use three.js but I found the solution in the same search window. Many thanks!


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        Quick question if I may. I added the Retyped.three binding. Would the workflow then be to use the NuGet package manager to install the rangoric.three.js library? I tried that also but with / without the library, can't see any code hinting when I go back and try to make a THREE.PerspectiveCamera declaration. (Thus it will not compile also)