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[CLOSED] [#98] JSON.Parse<> to support non-primitive types

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    [CLOSED] [#98] JSON.Parse<> to support non-primitive types

    Is there an ongoing effort to improve JSON.Parse<>, specifically, to support non-primitive types? Until that happens, what's the recommended workaround? Thanks.
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    Hi @mod7503,

    Thank you for the request!

    There is already a GitHub issue and a couple of related forum threads. Though, no thread has been directly linked to the Issue. So, I'll do it for this thread.

    Currently, JSON.Parse<> should be working for classes with properties of primitives types and no methods.

    The problem is also mentioned in this KB article that also covers a possible solution for more complicated classes which is to create an object manually for a raw data object.

    Enhanced support for deserializing custom types is still to be implemented and most like it is going to be slated for a future release.
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