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[OPEN] [#1488] Some cryptographic support

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    [OPEN] [#1488] Some cryptographic support

    Hello team,

    I am very pleased with the previous additions and contributions to websockets and more recently in 1.14 with the "System.Net.WebSockets" namespace support for client side.

    The following is a list of specific cryptographic apis I would like to see in bridge in the near future:

    - BigInteger class
    - CipherMode enum
    - PaddingMode enum
    - DeriveBytes class
    - Rfc2898DeriveBytes class
    - CryptographicException class
    - HashAlgorithm class
    - MD5 class
    - SHA1 class
    - SHA256 class
    - SHA384 class
    - SHA512 class
    - RandomNumberGenerator class
    - SymmetricAlgorithm class
    - Aes class
    - TripleDES class
    - AsymmetricAlgorithm class
    - Rsa class
    - RSAParameters struct
    - KeyedHashAlgorithm class
    - KeySizes class
    - HMAC class
    - HMACMD5 class
    - HMACSHA1 class
    - HMACSHA256 class
    - HMACSHA384 class
    - HMACSHA512 class

    Thank you for the feature request. I have logged in a dedicated issue:

    All this might be good to implement in a separate project with associated Bridge.Crypto NuGet Package.