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[CLOSED] DateTime format support for quarter

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  • chartnado
    started a topic [CLOSED] DateTime format support for quarter

    [CLOSED] DateTime format support for quarter

    When formatting dates, I need to support quarters as part of the date format.

    I can modify Date.js to add support for quarters (q, qq) easily, which would easily allow me to use formats including quarters without resorting to an alternate date formatting solution. I also know that the omission of quarters as part of .NET date formatting is a source of frustration for other developers having to deal with the same issue.

    However, my understanding is that one of the goals of Bridge is to be reasonably consistent with .NET (not exactly sure which version but I get the point). Adding support for quarters to Bridge would be inconsistent with the rest of .NET date formatting.

    I’m not sure how localization would have to work. We intend to support ‘q’ for (1, 2, 3, 4) and ‘qq’ for (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4). I’m not sure if that’s an acceptable solution to non-English speakers or not but it’s where we intend to start.

    Is there any interest in adding non-standard support for quarters to date formats in Bridge? I’m expecting to hear no, and I intend to run my own build of Bridge as part of our solution, but I thought it was worth asking.



  • geoffrey.mcgill
    Unfortunately, we will not support non-standard .NET DateTime format specifiers within Bridge. This is best handled with custom logic.

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