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Popular TypeScript Game Engine Phaser is already integrated in VS2013

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  • Popular TypeScript Game Engine Phaser is already integrated in VS2013

    (TypeScript noob here)

    Phaser is a JavaScript game engine which provides TypeScript reference files.

    Is there a way to automatically generate the C# class, annotated with ObjectLiteral, to be used in t=Script.Call<T> ?
    I mean, leveraging the provided TypeScript reference files.

    Note about the title of this post:
    The title of the post is not clear. By "TypeScript game engine" I meant that one can use it easily with TypeScript in Visual Studio.
    By "integrated" I meant that there is a Visual Studio extension but it does not help very much with the setup.
    However, it is easy to setup manually the game engine in Visual Studio 2015 and 2013.
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    Hello gavi! Welcome to Bridge.NET forums!

    So, we're talking about a JavaScript game engine that already has TypeScript binding/definition files and can be fully explored on Visual Studio?

    For Bridge, we would need to build the framework support, stubbing out all the library's classes/methods. Much like the TypeScript definition file was probably once written.

    We are working on a useful guide on building a framework support for any library. Like a kick-starter to implementing support to any (including your own) JavaScript library. We also are writing library support for popular libraries as much as we can.


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      There is a good chance we will be able to automatically create the C# binding files for Bridge, by parsing the .d.ts files for the library. This functionality should be available soon. Just a little more testing to complete.

      Would be interesting to use this library as a trial run.


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        Thank you.
        I am glad to hear that you are working on a guide and also on some automatic binding from .d.ts to C# to link many libraries to C#.

        My understanding is that Phaser is the most popular 2D/3D game engine that binds well with TypeScript. The developer is very determined to providing .d.ts files also for future version of the game engine.

        I tested it in VS2015 with Apache Cordova and the initial tests shows that it is compatible, so one could create either Web Games, or native Apps with the same Bridge.Net C# code.
        Being able to use C# to create such Web and native iOS/Android mini games, might make Bridge.Net useful to C# indie game developers.

        the TypeScript files are in the TypeScript folder.
        the HTML needs a reference to phaser.js which is located in the build folder.


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          I am glad to hear that you are working on a guide
          I've seen a draft of that guide fabricio.murta is working on. It looks cool! I really hope it will be published as soon as possible and you'll be able to start working on Phaser.


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            Has this feature been launched yet? All my searching are bringing me to this and one other thread about this feature being requested.


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              Another related discussion to the TypeScript -> C# generator:



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                The Knowledge Base Building A Definition Library article has been published. If you look for implementing Bridge support for 3rd party JavaScript framework (Phaser in this case), reading this article is a nice start point.
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                  We have created Retyped to parse TypeScript .d.ts files and create a C# binding library for Bridge projects.

                  Currently, Phaser is not supported, but if you open an Issue, we'll try our best to add Phaser support to Retyped.