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To Bridge Or Not To Bridge?

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    To Bridge Or Not To Bridge?

    Guys, you are very welcome to share why you decided whether "To Bridge" or "Not To Bridge".

    For my part, I don't like javascript as a language but I like the fact that there is a lot of platform accessible via javascript.
    So I tried for a long time to find a transpilers or a good alternative to use one language over javascript. I tried Haxe, WebSharper, FunScript, Opal.js, Lua.vm.js, etc. but each time it's was to complicated to work with extern, or the language used by this solution was not the one I love.

    So after a long time search more than 2 years, I started to test Bridge.Net and just like that this morning I have been able to create a small extern over TWGL and redo the tiny example.

    It's the first time I feel comfortable to write externs, and have a strong typed system to use over Javascript.

    More over the output is very clean, and can even be used using Javascript for testing or simple prototyping.

    Thanks for your great work guys :).
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      Hi @Shadaen,

      Thank you very much for sharing that! It is a big pleasure to hear your positive feedback. We believe you'll develop a great stuff using Bridge!:) If any issues, you are very welcome in the forums or GitHub.


        I recommend it, I have now been using Bridge.NET on a Work Project for around 4 months, It is very clean east to read JavaScript Output. It is very easy to develop using Chrome's Debugger.

        One thing that it is missing tho, Which I am thinking of making - is a UI Designer, That allows you to - ETC click on an Element - view the Events then Create that event and write it in C#.

        This tool is not only allowing me to create projects in c#, but also teaching me a lot about JavaScript at the same time. Keep up the good work Bridge.Net Team.
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          Hi samuelgrahame,

          Thank you for the feedback.
          That is a very interesting idea of a UI Designer!