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    Contribute to Bridge.NET

    Hello all,

    My name is Gabriel Wallace, I am pretty new to this whole process and was hoping for some pointers on where to begin contributing to this project (via Github or otherwise). I am a student in my final year for Software Development and looking to expand my knowledge and skills while contributing to real life projects. If anyone has some pointers on some good first steps it would be greatly appreciated and valuable to me.

    I am willing to try my luck at any issue, bug or feature (the more challenging the better) as I want to learn as much as I possibly can being a novice programmer. Thank you all in advance for your input and I hope to hear back.

    Gabriel Wallace
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    Hi Gabriel,

    Welcome to Bridge.NET!

    The following links should help provide some tips on for getting involved in open-source projects:

    Hope this helps.
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      geoffrey.mcgill pardon my ignorance, but how does it work?
      a) could my team only contribute those items which are 'up for grabs' OR
      b) could we contribute any features/fix where we saw value in?

      If b): I would believe the features/fixes we wanted to tackle needed to be approved by your team, which actually should be done before we invested any effort, no? How does it work?


        Hi DierkDroth,

        All open source projects should have a file which should contain instructions and policies on how best to contribute to the project. This is typically the best place to start.

        Bridge is open source, so you are free to work on anything you like. If you submit a Pull Request with changes, the PR will be reviewed by the Bridge Team.

        If you would like a feature added to the main Bridge repo, it would be best to start a discussion before submitting the Pull Request. We can discuss whether the feature is required in Bridge, or within what kind of timeline such a feature may be accepted. Changes will likely be requested during the review process. Pull Requests are not guaranteed to be accepted.

        Hope this helps.


          Thanks for those hints, geoffrey.mcgill