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Converting single C# file to JavaScript

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    Converting single C# file to JavaScript

    Hello guys,

    is it possible to compile single file?

    Here is what I want to do:
    • In web form user will write C# code
    • He will send it to server
    • On server I need to convert it to Javascript and return it back to user
    • Client will run this code
    I researched that compiler requires .csproj file.

    Here is what I plan to do:
    • After receiving users C# code I will create programatically new project.
    • Then run bridge.exe on this project and the generated javascript I will send back to user.
    My problem is that I am not able to run bridge.exe on my project. Is there anything I need to know? Can you show me example .csproj file? Do I have to run bridge.exe with some extra parameters? I am getting errors (you can see it in picture down there), even if it is library created in Visual Studio 2015. Thanks

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi Topiker,

    Have you tried to make a solution "manually" ( .vsix solution template ) ? (see )
    Then you can use that solution and the project as templates and use:

    msbuild.exe SolutionFile.sln /t:Build/p:Configuration=Release;Platform=Win32
    Dont know if it is any help?