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Payment for Premium not working

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    Payment for Premium not working

    I tried purchasing Pro support for my team, but it seems like the payment portal is still in test mode (it asked me to enter test login credentials before submitting my CC info).

    Also, the system added VAT for Switzerland, which I find odd since your company is not located in Switzerland and therefore the transaction shoul be VAT exempt.

    Thanks for looking into these two issues. Can’t wait to purchase our package :-)

    Hi Marco,

    I apologize for those issues!

    Currently we are experiencing some hitch with our payment provider resulting in our store being still in a test mode. That should be resolved soon.
    Thanks a lot for letting us know about VAT issue, we'll investigate.

    Once the problems are fixed, we'll let you know.
    Thanks for your understanding and support!


      Hi Marco

      The checkout is now active. I apologize for the delay.

      All payments are handled through our worldwide reseller, FastSpring. They charge and collect local taxes if required. A VAT# will be provided on any receipt.
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