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    Game engine using


    I used to port my game engine to the web. I've used it to participate in a game jam this weekend, and I'm pleased with how well it worked! My biggest concern was performance, but I'm very happy with how it performs at the moment. I'll be developing on the engine some more before eventually sharing it with the world.

    It uses WebGL for rendering, and is compatible with most modern browsers. I have ideas for improving rendering performance by 'batching' the sprites, instead of having them all have a draw call. It relies heavily on shaders, and a few tricks to make it render fast enough.

    Anyway, I Thought this was an interesting thing to share. :)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	chrome_2018-04-23_15-16-48.png Views:	1 Size:	19.3 KB ID:	5387
    For those intrested, here is a link to the game I created:

    hey looks pretty cool, good work :)
    excited for when this is on github, definitely would want to get involved.


      Hi Thom

      This looks super cool! Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

      Here are a few suggestions to help speed of the initial load time of this file:
      1. Use the .min.js versions of all files
      2. Do not include the .meta.js files unless you're using Reflection in C#
      3. Turn off sourcemaps unless you require debugging
      Those changes will speed up the load time significantly. In general, configuring the above is basically the difference between Debug and Release modes. Currently, you're releasing in "Debug" mode, so the load time will be slower. Runtime performance (after initial load) will be the same.
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        Thanks for the suggestions geoffrey.mcgill! Is there a way to disable the generation of the .meta.js files if they are not being used?


          Hi Thom,

          The reflection config of bridge.json should help here.

            "reflection": {
              "disabled": true