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    System.Xml contribution


    I have this partial implementation of System.Xml.
    How can I contribute it to Bridge .NET?

    Best Regards,
    Christian Lundheim

    Cool, ChrML! Basically you should be aware and support our CLA (contribution license agreement), and then provide us the contribution via github's pull requests. You can fork off Bridge's repository at any time.

    It would be super great if you also could provide the pull requests following our development guidelines (code formatting) and also include unit testing to the features you included.

    The CLA signup will be asked the first time you send a pull request, and the process if fully integrated with GigHub, so shouldn't be a problem at all.
    The coding standards are here:

    Well, and a comprehensive documentation on how to contribute is available here:

    You may find more interesting things in our wiki pages:

    I hope this helps!


      Thanks, will look at this soon and give it a try. Coding convention is not too different and should be easy to adapt.

      My XML implementation uses the browsers native XML features as they are highly similar with .NET and are widely supported among browsers. This is currently implemented through Retyped dependency (dom.Node etc...). There is currently no Javascript code handwritten. How would you recommend to go about that? Keep the dependency, or?