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    Hi all!

    I like the component based workflow in Duality a lot especially that we can publish the game with the editor included so we can allow people to MOD our game, which is exactly what I need. It is very fortunate Duality fit my needs in many ways.
    What is not so fortunate however is that Duality is Windows only. I know some people managed to compile the games made in Duality for Linux and Mac with some success and wondering if anyone ever had any success with compiling a Duality game for HTML5 with Did the developers of Duality considered trying would it be even possible?

    If we could compile a Duality game to HTML5 then we could technically run the game on any platforms including mobile but what I would be more interested in is to create games for Windows with mod support and able to run games in the browser.

    Can also consider this a feature request/suggestion.
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    Can you link us to the Duality source code respositoryand we'll take a look?


      Hello @Ingh!

      At some point, somebody from Bridge community started building a quake 3 engine clone in Bridge, and last I seen it was pretty functional. We tweeted it by then:

      The github repo is still up, but the demo linked from the reddit discussion (linked from the tweet above) currently redirects to a random ad. I see last commit was around Feb 2018.

      So, if it was possible for a quake 3 engine, why not a 2d game framework? The only challenge involved in porting would be, maybe, some system-dependent code and with some tinkering I believe it could be fully ported to Bridge.

      EDIT: Duality website:, github:


        I took a quick scan through the source and for the most part it seems possible, but there are some NuGet dependencies that will cause issues if trying to support with Bridge. For example:

        The System.Xml namespace is not currently supported by Bridge, but we were hoping to add support soon.